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Personal Testimonies

It is amazing how I feel a little calmer when things come up that would normally immediately frustrate me.  Just understanding each family member a little better really changes MY outlook.”  
Laura - Family Session mom

“I think the most valuable thing I picked up was the knowledge of what temperament my coworkers fell into based on their particular answers to the survey.”
Bob –Team Development

Workshop participant​​

Package C:
Biggest bang for your buck!

  • All the benefits from Package B
  • PLUS you get to bring a friend, co-worker, child or spouse along on the journey
  • Your 24-question online survey PLUS a FREE one for your friend!
  • TWO 45-minutes private consultation sessions with Renae Roehrs discussing and analyzing your results
  • Discover each of your unique behavioral blends and areas of potential conflict and stress 
  • Reduce conflict and build a healthier relationship
  • PLUS a FREE Personalized Relationship Interaction guide
  • Limited time offer - act now!

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Package A:
This is the perfect starter package for those on a limited budget. It gives you the 24-question online survey and the DISC training video.

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Below are 3 product packages for Know Thyself. 
All of them are fabulous!  Choose the one that best fits your needs.

​$19 Package A


Package B:

  • All the benefits from Package A
  • Access to the DISC training video PLUS the booklet to learn life-changing information 
  • 45-minutes private consultationsession with Renae Roehrs discussing and analyzing your results
  • Questions answered and eyes opened to your unique behavioral blend and how it affects your daily life ​
  • Limited time offer.

$153 value for ONLY $79


You have taken a crucial step towards knowing yourself and discovering the

pace and priority at which you approach life.

Your next step is selecting one of the packages below for your 24-question online survey. The information you will receive after completing the online survey will help you understand yourself and others better to​ ​reduce conflict and improve relationships  in your life...

$119 Package C

$79 Package B

Stop living with conflict and stress due to misunderstanding in your relationships! Find PEACE and ENJOYMENT in your daily interactions. 

Knowing Yourself to Know Others. ​​

It's easy with Renae as your personal behavior analyst

and relationship consultant. Act now!

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